A Guide To Understanding REITs

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Have you been looking to gain exposure to Real Estate, but do not quite have the capital or not looking to have your cash locked up in a private Real Estate deal?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are perfect for you as they are a liquid investment that help you gain a diversified exposure to Real Estate.

REITs are an investment that should have a place in every portfolio. Over the past 20 years, Real Estate Investment Trusts have returned an average of 15%, better than all other asset classes.

Stop Missing Out And Start Investing In REITs

In addition, REITs provide high-yield dividends due to how they are constructed providing not only solid dividends, but have also performed better than the greater stock market the past few decades making REITs a TOTAL RETURN investment.

I have put this guide together as a way to introduce REITs by explaining:

- What a REIT is

- Requirements to maintain REIT status

- Different types of REITs

- How you can add REITs to your portfolio

- How REIT dividends are taxed

- 5 of my favorite REITs to invest in

- Invest In REITs Using ETFs

- Key terms and valuation metrics that pertain to REITs

REITs have a long history of outperforming the market, so stop missing out and start gaining some exposure to Real Estate by way of REITs.

An Experienced Author

As a Certified Public Accountant, I had numerous large Public and Private Real Estate clients while working at Big 4 Public Accounting Firm Ernst & Young that played an important role in my passion for the industry. In addition, I also write for the #1 Marketplace Service for Real Estate Marketplace on Seeking Alpha. 

If you are ready to expand your learning and knowledge into the world of REITs, then click "I WANT THIS" to order your copy today!

  • PDF copy of A Guide To Understanding REITs

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  • PDF copy of A Guide To Understanding REITs
  • Size8.16 MB
  • Length25 pages


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A Guide To Understanding REITs

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